Meet the

Guardian Taekwon-Do Instructors

Our Instructors, together, have over 35 years of teaching experience.All Guardian Taekwon-Do instructors undergo a full year of instructional training, including first aid response training, and the Little Warriors Child Abuse Prevention workshop.

Our Instructors understand all students are unique, and are taught to recognize the various learning styles students display. Therefore, we use a combination of verbal and visual cues to ensure students are immersed in a positive learning environment. Our instructors choose to positively reinforce theories and lessons, by way of critiquing- never criticizing- students. Proudly, our Dojang serves the greater Edmonton Area.

Head Instructor

Ms. Johnson

Ms. Deona Johnson, 4th dan has been training and instructing for 25 years. She is a certified teacher with the Alberta Teachers Association, and oversees all instruction, programming, scheduling, and day-to-day happenings within our Dojang. Ms. Johnson is one of the two main instructors of Guardian Taekwon-Do.

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Head Coach

​Mr. Watson

Mr. Watson has been training and instructing for 20 years. He has a natural athletic ability and has been very successful at the tournament level, attaining multiple gold medals in competition. He has also coached the National team and multiple national caliber students. His great sense of humor along with his ability to understand people make him a great instructor.

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Main Instructor

Mr. Basler

Mr. Christian Basler, 3rd Dan, has almost 20 years in TKD and enjoys the art because it builds confidence and keeps the mind and body fit. He enjoys the classes because of the familial atmosphere, with a friendly but disciplined focus.He is  known as “the strict one” but it is his attention to detail in stances and patterns that makes him an excellent instructor.

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Mr. Johnston

Mr. Johnston, 2nd Dan, has been training for 8 years and at the ripe age of 20, he is our youngest instructor. Mr.Johnston caught the competition bug at a yellow belt level and has been competing in local, national and international tournaments ever since. His desire to be a champion has created a strong focus and attention to detail in both his training and his teaching. He is a natural athlete and while he enjoys most sports, his heart is true to taekwondo.

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Ms. Basler

Miss Lisa Basler, 1st Dan, has been training for 11, maybe 12 years of taekwon-do but who’s counting when it’s fun. Taekwon-do is a good but mainly fun way to exercise, and being part of the club is like being part of a family. Miss Basler is known for being “ the nice one” or “the fun one” and has a great rapport with the younger students.

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Mr. Tricker

Mr Warren Tricker, 1st Dan, started his TaeKwon Do journey in 2005, attaining his black belt in 2008. After a break to start a family, he has returned to continue hisTKD journey. His favorite parts of TKD are patterns, self defense, and board breaking, and is inspired when he sees the look on a student’s face when they break a board, or complete a difficult technique. It is in that moment, that students realize that anything is possible. He has also developed a love of running, and has completed  7 half marathons, and 2 full marathons.

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