Lil' Guardians

Taekwon-Do Overview

Training in Taekwon-do takes many people out of their comfort zones. Taekwon-do is physically very dynamic with a lot of active movements and poses from other perspectives. Many parents at Guardian Taekwon-Do enjoy enrolling their child in Taekwon-do because it is a total learning activity that involves striking, punching, kicking, basic forms, board breaking. This helps a child’s coordination, balance, and physical fitness.

Taekwon-do also helps students at Guardian Taekwon-Do learn self-discipline, respect, and focus. Many parents at Guardian Taekwon-Do of Edmonton see an improvement in their child’s learning and an increased attention span and focus in school.

Lil' Guardians Taekwon-Do for Ages 8 and Under

Junior Classes

A specialized children’s class, developed for ages approximately 4-8 years (depending on maturity and social skills). This class is designed to implement fast paced goal setting with 12 levels. Students achieve these levels over a 14 -16 months depending on ability and learn  anti-bullying, safety precautions, and improve their self-esteem and self control.

In relation to our Regular Program, Lil’ Guardians is a stepping stone between the white belt level and the yellow stripe level, where the elements of Taekwon-do are further broken down into lessons created specifically for a child’s understanding.  After finishing the lil guardian program, students will join the regular classes to continue their journey to black belt.

Short & Sweet

Kids lose interest because the world is meant for exploring, not standing around. This class lasts for 45 minutes, leaving no time for boredom.

Happiness isn’t Bought

Kids don’t come in moulds, and neither does this program. In promoting self esteem and learning self awareness/safety is our goal- selling belts isn’t.

Have a Concern?

n or outside the home, a child’s behavior impacts their growth. If there is a concern, pull us aside to create a plan to address the issue.

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