Special and Fitness

If you aren’t ready for one of our taekwon-do classes, check out one of our other great programs! We currently offering programs Parents and Tots, Yoga, Self Defense and Cardio/Core Fitness programs designed for all levels.

Special Classes

Parent And Tot

8 week sessions offered 2 times a week in the mornings and are designed for parents and their toddlers. Our Parent and Tot programs allow you to accompany your child in activities. Being with your child helps them to feel comfortable and safe, making it easier for the toddlers to learn and explore. These classes are a perfect way to spend some quality time with your children. Siblings attending classes or programs are permitted at a ratio of not more than 2 children per adult.Please note that siblings in baby carriers, slings, baby seats, strollers or backpacks are not allowed. Classes should be a parent/child experience with the parent’s undivided attention.

Classes TBA


6 week sessions starting in November. Please bring your own yoga mat and preferably your own sanitizer. Sanitizer is available if necessary. Yoga is designed to improve mind and body with a focus on flexibility, balance and becoming in tuned with your movements. Yoga is also a great way to relax and enjoy quiet reflection time Yoga sessions are designed for students who have previously attended at least 1 yoga class. Times TBA

Self Defense

These sessions are for students who perhaps are not dedicated to martial arts but would like to learn how to defend themselves. These sessions are 8 weeks long and will run on Friday evenings or sign up for a weekend session with 2 full days of hands on training with real life” bad guys” simulations. Get comfortable with basic techniques along with street smart advice from the experts. These sessions are offered for ladies, youth, and men alike or other specific categories. Please watch the schedule for upcoming classes or call for more information.

Cardio/Core Fitness

Starting in November, sign up for a martial arts-styled striking and kicking cardio workout designed to push your fitness levels. This class will run for 6 weeks, going through mid December.

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