Class Overview


Since the popularity of mixed Martial Arts hit mainstream media, more and more people in the Edmonton community are looking to Martial Arts classes for their fitness and workout routine. Our programs in taekwon-do will help you or your child improve their physical strength, flexibility, confidence, and self-discipline. At Guardian Taekwon-do in Edmonton, we take pride in the Martial Arts programs that we teach and have years of experience in each area. Below is a overview of what a new student can expect from our taekwon-do programs!

Class Overview

Taekwondo Beginners

This class is designed for white and yellow belts. The focus is on the basics including stances, kicking, punching along with etiquette and self discipline. Students will test for achievement stripes every 2 weeks with grade level testing scheduled for every 2.5 months.These classes are designed to take students to a green belt level in an average of 10 months.

Taekwondo Intermediates

This class is designed for the medium level color belts with more emphasis on balance, speed, and control. The class has a higher level of technical precision and difficulty with achievement testing every 2 weeks and grade level testing every 4 months.and is designed to advance students to a senior color belt level in 10-12 months.

Taekwondo Advanced

Come train with the black belts! This class emphasizes the traditional training and discipline that martial arts is renowned for with precision techniques, advanced breaking and self defense and the physics and kinetics of why taekwon-do is so effective for defense. Students will test for achievement stripes every 4 weeks with testing every 6- 10 months. Students who are enrolled in this class are headed for their black belt testing.

Family/Open Classes

Come and train with your siblings, parents or other family members. These classes are designed to have some fun with family while developing your martial arts skills. These are also openclasses and are available for any students who need to make up a class due to scheduling conflicts.

12 & Under Class

This fun and fitness class is designed specifically for the younger students so that they can work on areas of concern with peers. The pace and style of teaching is best suited for children.

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