The Four


The Four Guardian Deities are a pantheon of four divine beasts; namely, the Blue Dragon, the White Tiger, the Red Phoenixes and the Black Tortoise and Serpent. The Four Guardian Deities are gods believed to be related to the four cardinal directions, the four seasons as well as the twenty-eight major constellations, and are said to ward off evil influences and ensure the harmony of yin and yang energies. They were also seen as divine beings representing constellations forming the heavenly world and the guardians of four cardinal directions.

The Korean peninsula, presumably during the Three Kingdoms period.The Blue Dragon is the symbolic guardian of the east, and has been admired along with the White Tiger, the guardian of the west, as protectors against all evil forces. As the guardian of the north, the Black Tortoise Serpent was, along with the Red Phoenix, the guardian of the south, responsible for maintaining the harmony between yin and yang, the two opposing cosmic forces.

From The National Museum of Korea

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